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Battery Defense Lawyer Serving Cumming

Battery as a Violent Crime

As opposed to assault where just the threat of violence can result in charges, battery occurs when the violent act is actually carried out. There are 3 types of battery charges in our state - simple battery, battery and aggravated battery. Simple battery is charged when a person "intentionally makes physical contact of an insulting or provoking nature with the person of another" or "intentionally causes physical harm to another." According to state law, it is the crime of battery if a person "intentionally causes substantial physical harm or visible bodily harm to another." The term "visible bodily harm" commonly means injuries such as black eyes, substantial bruises and the like. Aggravated assault contains the elements of maliciously causing bodily harm in the form of the loss of a member, rendering a member useless, or "seriously disfiguring" a person's body or a member thereof.

Each of these battery charges are violent crimes which law enforcement and the justice system will vigorously prosecute. It requires an equally aggressive criminal defense attorney to effectively combat the case that will be pursued against you. Thorough investigation by the criminal defense team at Zeliff | Watson, along with complete case preparation is our keys to victory. Your defense begins with our no-charge consultation to review the situation and the strategies our experience shows are needed to produce the most favorable result possible in your case.

Consequences for Conviction

Owing to the violent nature of battery crimes, the penalties can include loss of custody of your children, thousands of dollars for the damage caused and fines, court ordered counseling, mandatory community service and lengthy periods of incarceration in jail or prison. Additionally, your right to own--- or even possess--- a firearm can be taken away forever.

With each type of battery charge, there are factors which can make the penalties more severe. Offenses committed against those who are 65 or older, correctional facility personnel, in combination with certain theft crimes, between family members and others circumstances can be punished by prison sentences up to 20 years.

Your liberties and rights need protection. Being accused does not have to end in conviction.

Quickly contact a battery defense lawyer from our firm for help if you or a loved one faces prosecution for battery offenses. Our team at Zeliff | Watson has defended hundreds of battery cases and has the experience to help you out of your situation.

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