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Involuntary Manslaughter

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Cumming

In general, manslaughter is different than murder in that there was no intent or maliciousness that caused the death of another. This is particularly true in the case of involuntary manslaughter in which a death is caused without malice aforethought. This offense is commonly divided into two categories of crime.

A person can commit an act of manslaughter in the commission of an unlawful act which results in the death of another person. It is manslaughter only if there was no intention to kill and the unlawful act was not a felony. A common instance of this type of manslaughter is the individual who goes through a red light and hits a pedestrian causing their death.

Manslaughter can also be charged when in the commission of a lawful act, carried out in an unlawful manner, a person caused the death of another human being. Again, the fatality would not be intentional and it contains the factor that the action would be "likely to cause death or great bodily harm." An example of this form of manslaughter would be a health care provider who is negligent in their actions resulting in the death of a person under their care.

In many manslaughter cases, the charges can be successfully defended by a well-versed criminal defense lawyer from Zeliff | Watson. Attorney Zeliff from our firm has twice been recognized as one of Georgia's "Super Lawyers" and honed his criminal defense skills while serving as a DeKalb County Public Defender. When you have been arrested for involuntary manslaughter, you will want to be represented by a firm with a proven track record of success.

Manslaughter Charges

If you are convicted of involuntary manslaughter, you can be fined, receive probation, have to pay restitution and be incarcerated for up to 10 years. These cases can quickly become complex but our aggressive tactics can frequently cause the charges to be dropped or reduced. If you are found guilty, we continue the fight and work towards greatly lessening your sentencing penalties.

Contact a criminal defense attorney to understand your manslaughter charges and what can be done to resolve them.

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