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Manslaughter Defense Lawyer

What is manslaughter?

Manslaughter is a kind of homicide crime that is differentiated from murder in that the elements of malice and intent were not present in causing the death of another. It is the unlawful killing of a person but contains circumstances which are mitigating and is thus punished less severely than murder. There are 2 types of manslaughter charges in our state.

Involuntary manslaughter is the commission of a lawful or unlawful act which results in someone's death but without intending to do so. An example of this crime would be a DUI that brings about the death of another. You did not drink with the intention of losing control of your vehicle but it occurred nonetheless.

Voluntary manslaughter is the unlawful killing of another without malice. Georgia criminal statutes state that the act would otherwise be murder but the accused acted "solely as the result of a sudden, violent, and irresistible passion resulting from serious provocation sufficient to excite such passion in a reasonable person." This type of manslaughter commonly occurs in matters of self-defense or when provoked anger suddenly erupts.

Being tried and convicted on manslaughter charges can wholly change an individual's life and those of his or her loved ones. It is vital, therefore, to have a committed criminal defense attorney from Zeliff | Watson to protect your rights and interests from the very start of your legal proceedings.

Defensive Strategy

Involuntary manslaughter charges are punished by 1 to 10 years in prison and if you are convicted of voluntary manslaughter, you face a prison term of 1 to 20 years. Although each case is unique, our firm has 16 years of hard-won experience in defending those accused of criminal acts. Attorney Zeliff has twice been named one of Georgia's "Super Lawyers" and was voted a "Rising Star" by his peers in the Georgia criminal defense bar.

We know how devastating manslaughter charges can be and work aggressively to develop and implement a defensive strategy that will achieve the best conclusion possible to your case. Our hard-hitting tactics and dedication to your case may make a vast difference in the final outcome.

Learn how manslaughter charges can be successfully defended; contact a manslaughter defense lawyer from our firm today.

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Evan Watson is awesome!! This is someone that works hard for you and I just don’t think that’s easy to find in an attorney. I never did tell Evan but I have been contemplating law school for about 3 years now and to see him represent me in the court room the way he did I am truly inspired to apply to school now! I trusted his judgment without question from the first moment I met him. I could tell ... - Anonymous
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