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Misdemeanor Defense

Misdemeanor Crimes in Forsyth County

The broad definition of a misdemeanor in Georgia is a crime that is not a felony. Our state differs from many others in that with few exceptions, all misdemeanors are penalized in a like manner. Courts are permitted to alter sentencing but once it is set, no changes are allowed.

The general rules that monitor all misdemeanor convictions are:

  • A fine of not more than $1000
  • Incarceration in a county jail or correctional institution for up to 1 year
  • Both a fine and incarceration as given above
  • Board of Corrections confinement in a county, state or other correctional institution for 6-12 months
  • A suspended sentence or probation

As the final sentencing for a misdemeanor conviction is determined by your judge, the dedication and knowledge of a criminal defense lawyer from our firm may greatly affect the final outcome of your case. At Zeliff | Watson, our 16 years of experience in criminal defense has resulted in hundreds of individuals receiving the favorable outcome needed in their cases. Attorney Zeliff learned his criminal defense skill as a lawyer for the DeKalb County Public Defender's Office and since that time has been voted a Georgia "Super Lawyer" several times.

How will you be prosecuted?

There are many factors which determine whether you will be charged with a misdemeanor or felony. Misdemeanor drug crimes rely on the type, amount and weight of drugs involved. Offenses such as indecent exposure, pimping and others are sex crimes that are normally prosecuted as misdemeanors. Other misdemeanors include theft crimes of $300 or less, certain violent crimes such as assault and stalking and various DUI or BUI offenses. Domestic violence crimes can also be misdemeanors but may easily be upgraded to a felony offense depending on who was involved and what was done.

It is a mistake to think of misdemeanor charges as unimportant or easily resolved. In addition to the penalties given above, other repercussions can be suspension of your driver's license, loss of the right to possess a firearm, community service, suspension of your license plate, being stopped from obtaining certain jobs and loss of federal financial aid for education.

Let our experience work to your advantage when you or a loved one are faced with misdemeanor charges.

Contact a misdemeanor defense attorney for a no-cost consultation on your misdemeanor charges and how they can be defended.

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