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10 Day Warning Rule

Defense Against License Suspension

If you have been arrested in Forsyth County for Driving Under the Influence ( DUI), and either refused to submit to chemical testing, or tested over the legal limit, you only have 10 business days to notify the Georgia Department of Driver Services of your planned appeal of the suspension of your Georgia driver's license or privileges to drive in the State of Georgia.

Under the Georgia DDS's new requirements, your license appeal letter must now include a $150.00 payment along with other pertinent information. Once your letter is received, and if it has been properly submitted, you will receive a hearing date where your arresting officer will attempt to suspend your license. A DUI lawyer can represent you at this hearing, and utilize any evidence or testimony found in your case to challenge the accusations of the arresting officer. With a lawyer's help, you may be able to completely avoid the loss of your driving privileges.

DUI Lawyer Serving Cumming & Forsyth County

Even on a first DUI offense in Forsyth, and under Georgia law, you are facing up to a twelve month suspension of your driver's license. You may be entitled to a limited driving permit that would allow you to get to work, school, and medical appointments, depending on whether or not you submitted to testing under Georgia's implied consent law. If you have been pulled over and arrested for DUI here in Forsyth County, we at Zeliff | Watson can help you review your options and defenses in an attempt to save your driver's license.

Remember, once you have missed the DDS window for an appeal, or if you have unsuccessfully appealed your suspension, your license will stay suspended unless and until you have your DUI charges dismissed. Contact us today and let us go over Georgia's 10-day requirement with you.

If you have been arrested for DUI, contact a DUI attorney who may be able to prevent the suspension of your drivers' license.

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Peter is a great lawyer. I had a DUI case that’s been in the system probably ongoing about 4 yrs now and we ended up going to trail. Peter basically let the prosecutor have it! We easily won the case! I would recommend Peter to anyone. He is extremely knowledgeable when dealing with the Justice System. My thanks goes to you Peter! - Anonymous
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