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Leaving the Scene of an Accident

DUI Defense Attorney Serving Cumming, GA

In our state, any person involved in an auto accident must perform certain actions before leaving the scene. This may include contacting emergency services, aiding the injured, or exchanging information with the other parties involved in the accident. In addition, it may also be necessary to provide a statement to police so that an accident report can be filed. If you fail to perform these actions after an accident, you could be charged with leaving the scene, or "hit and run" as it is also known.

It is recommended that you contact a DUI attorney at Zeliff | Watson if you have been arrested for leaving the scene in an effort to protect yourself from the penalties that you might face. In addition to our 16 years of experience in the area of criminal defense, we have also had substantial training in effective courtroom advocacy. We may be able to secure the reduction or dismissal of your DUI charges as well as your charges for leaving the scene.

Penalties for Leaving the Scene in Forsyth County

If you have left the scene of an accident that resulted in injury to another or others, you could be charged with a felony offense. This offense may be punished with fines, probation, community service, and jail time. You may also face legal action from the victim or the victim's loved ones. If you are convicted of leaving the scene of an injury accident, the conviction will permanently remain on your criminal record, possibly affecting your future chances of obtaining employment, loans, or higher education. As the stakes in your case are high, it is to your benefit to seek the help of a skilled attorney as soon as possible.

Contact a DUI lawyer who can defend you against charges related to leaving the scene of an accident.

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Evan was a great attorney, he was helpful from the first time we came in for a consultation. He was always there for me, when I called or texted him. Made things a lot less stressful and easy for me to understand what's going on and the situation I was in. He is very confident, knows what to do to help you out the best. Evan cares about you an, he will do his best to help you out as much as he ... - Ruben Aguilera
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