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Frequently Asked Questions

I was just arrested, what should I do now?

What you do next can greatly affect the final conclusion to your criminal charges. Your life as you would like to lead it and your freedoms are at risk. Without hard-hitting and knowledgeable representation by an experienced criminal defense attorney, you face steep fines, community service, suspended licenses, probation, restitution to alleged victims, a permanent criminal record and long terms in jail or prison. Your first actions should be to remain silent and call a lawyer from Zeliff | Watson to begin criminal defense actions on your behalf.

If I've been charged, what rights do I still have?

As American citizens, we enjoy certain constitutional rights which are not to be violated. One of the ways we produce favorable outcomes for our clients is to show your rights were violated and thus the evidence against you or the charges themselves are invalid. You should have been read your Miranda rights, can inquire into why you were arrested and you do not have to answer questions regarding the accusations against you. You have the right to the attorney you choose and to a fair and speedy trial. Our firm is here to utilize all of our hard-won experience to fight to protect your rights.

At this point, should I just do what the police or prosecutor says?

Our advice would be a definite and emphatic "No!" Our years of success have proven that your best chance for a favorable result is to mount an effective defense. Mistakes by the police or prosecution, insufficient or faulty evidence, our ability to cause doubt regarding your guilt, negotiations to reduce charges and thus penalties and many more actions can be done to improve your situation.

Am I being charged with a misdemeanor or felony and what is the difference?

Misdemeanors are considered less serious offenses, punished by less severe fines and terms of incarceration. Shoplifting and minor drug, theft, sex or domestic violence crimes can all be charged as misdemeanors, as well as many DUI offenses. Frequently, our firm can get alternative sentencing for a misdemeanor conviction that will keep you out of jail. Felony charges are reserved for violent crimes such as murder, battery, rape and more extreme drug, theft and other crimes. These are usually penalized by steep fines and lengthy prison sentences.

Please contact a criminal lawyer for straightforward answers to your questions on criminal defense matters.

I came to Evan in late 2010 after being charged with my first ever DUI. Although I had a breath result over.20, Evan reassured me that he would take things step at a time and give it everything he had before entering a plea to DUI. Evan got the evidence and combed over it before our first court date. After Evan presented our case the court agreed that if I completed a treatment program the charges ... - Anonymous
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