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At Zeliff | Watson, we understand that no two cases or defenses will be the same. Therefore, we determine our fees on a case-by-case basis. We will be upfront with you and will respect your budget when it comes to discussing payment arrangements for your defense. However, if you are "price shopping," we encourage you to keep shopping. Experience has shown that if cost is the single biggest factor in your attorney search and you are looking for the "lowest bidder," then we are probably not your firm. You will undoubetdly find cheaper lawyers, if that is what you are looking for.

Factors we consider in pricing include:

  • the complexity of the legal issues in your case
  • the time expected to prepare your case initially, for negotiations, and trial if necessary
  • other investigative or case-based expenses

The unmatched level of service you will receive as a Zeliff | Watson client includes:

  • both personal email and cell phone access to both Mr. Watson and Mr. Zeliff (this includes nights and weekends on an emergent basis)
  • a paralegal assigned to your case who is a second set of eyes and ears, available to speak with you anytime during the week, and who has learned your case's unique situation
  • unmatched commitment to defending your case and getting the best possible outcome, regardless of how long it takes
  • 24+ years of combined criminal defense experience, and knowing you have an actual team behind your case (For example, in 2015, Mr. Watson attended court for Mr. Zeliff where his client was facing a 12 month license suspension. While the original plan was for Mr. Watson to simply get a new court date for the client (which is very common), after hearing the facts and speaking to the client, Mr. Watson conducted the hearing, filed a brief on the case, and WON. Client's license was NEVER suspended- not even for a day.) (In 2015, Mr. Zeliff helped Mr. Watson twice in the City of Atlanta Municipal Court to simply get new court dates, however, in going the extra mile, Mr. Zeliff was able to study the cases and achieve REDUCED charges in BOTH cases and get the offer in writing. Of course, this made closing the deal and having clients' charges dismissed painless.)
  • a network of both legal and investigative/expert personel at your attorneys' disposal, from former law enforcement experts to licensed psychologists and substance abuse treatment providers
  • in-person, one-on-one consultations to discuss important matters in your case, not just the first "sell" that most firms provide

Under certain circumstances, we will accommodate payment plans at Zeliff | Watson, which allow you to have one of our skilled attorneys on your case, while enabling you to pay your fee over time. At your consultation, Mr. Zeliff and Mr. Watson will discuss terms of proposed payment plans. We also accept all major credit cards, including American Express and allow for convenient auto draft arrangements.

When choosing who will stand between you and the State, remember,you get what you pay for. After speaking with our attorneys at your consultation, we are confident that you will see why thousands of clients have put their faith and trust in our abilities. When you hire Zeliff | Watson, you not only have an attorney, but a team. You have our number, our email, our team's contact information, and certainly our commitment to our case.

I came to Evan in late 2010 after being charged with my first ever DUI. Although I had a breath result over.20, Evan reassured me that he would take things step at a time and give it everything he had before entering a plea to DUI. Evan got the evidence and combed over it before our first court date. After Evan presented our case the court agreed that if I completed a treatment program the charges ... - Anonymous
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