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Dunwoody Criminal Defense Attorney

Strong Legal Defense in Dunwoody

At Zeliff | Watson, we provide skilled and aggressive defense representation to those facing DUI and other misdemeanor and felony charges in North Georgia. Over the years we have garnered a reputation for being skilled negotiators and trial lawyers. In fact, attorney Zeliff was named a "Super Lawyer" in 2007 and 2009. He was also voted a "Rising Star" by the Georgia Criminal Defense Bar. Attorney Watson is a member of the Georgia Criminal Defense Bar and he is highly skilled at defending clients against DUI related charges.

Criminal charges are no laughing matter. In many cases a conviction can mean a suspended license, hefty monetary fines, mandatory counseling, community service, jail or prison sentencing, and probation or parole. Can you afford to put your entire life on hold so you can be locked away behind bars?

When people get convicted, they aren't the only ones to suffer. Usually there are family members, children and loved ones left behind and this can be extremely devastating for all parties involved. For this reason, at Zeliff | Watson, a Dunwoody criminal defense attorney from our firm will fight tirelessly to defend your rights. It will be critical for us to conduct a detailed investigation of our own into your criminal matter, and we will leave no stone unturned when searching for ways to get your charges reduced or dismissed. We understand the high levels of stress and anxiety that you are going through and we want to do everything that we can to fight your charges.

Criminal Defense Serving the Residents of Dunwoody, GA

We are a full service law firm that can assist clients in both DUI and other criminal matters. For DUI we can handle any type of DUI related charge including: Atlanta DUI, BUI, leaving the scene, multiple DUI, sobriety checkpoints, traffic offenses, suspended license and DUI with injury.

If you have been arrested for assault, battery or domestic violence, we can assist you. We can also handle theft crime cases, drug crime cases and shoplifting offenses. For serious violent crimes, we are highly skilled at defending people against charges of involuntary manslaughter, manslaughter and murder. We can also provide a powerful and effective defense in white collar crime cases such as counterfeiting, check fraud, identity theft and many others. If you have been accused of a sex crime such as rape, molestation, internet crime, prostitution, or indecent exposure, we are adept at questioning your alleged accuser and cross-examining any evidence against you.

Regardless if you were charged with a simple traffic offense, or murder, we are not here to judge you whatsoever. We understand that not everybody is guilty and those who are can make mistakes just like anybody else. Our firm cares about you, your future and your freedom. It's our job to make sure that your side of the story is heard loud and clear. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation. The sooner we begin, the greater your chances of overcoming the charges against you.

To schedule your no-cost consultation, contact a Dunwoody criminal defense lawyer from the firm right away!

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Evan Watson is awesome!! This is someone that works hard for you and I just don’t think that’s easy to find in an attorney. I never did tell Evan but I have been contemplating law school for about 3 years now and to see him represent me in the court room the way he did I am truly inspired to apply to school now! I trusted his judgment without question from the first moment I met him. I could tell ... - Anonymous
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