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Sandy Springs DUI Lawyer

DUI Lawyer Serving Sandy Springs

If you have recently been arrested in Sandy Springs for a DUI or related offense, you need a skilled and accomplished DUI attorney on your side fighting for your rights and liberties. At Zeliff | Watson, we have been able to obtain favorable verdicts for many who are facing serious DUI charges. In 2012, we assisted 6 of our clients to overcome conviction for DUI charges, and in some cases the breath and blood testing evidence indicated that the individual was driving over legal limit. With over 16 years of combined experience, we focus our energies on resolving difficult legal matters for our clients, and the first step is to get a full review of your case. It is important that you do so prior to making a decision about your plea. You may have been the victim of an illegal police stop or other serious error that could allow your case to be dismissed. Call us now for assistance.

Those that have been arrested in the Forsyth County area for driving under the influence have only 10 business days to notify the Georgia Department of Driver Services of their planned appeal. If they do not contact the department, their license will be suspended automatically. An attorney may be able to help you avoid losing your license if you contact our firm today.

Are you Facing DUI Charges in Sandy Springs?

DUI charges are not taken lightly in the state of Georgia. Drivers are legally prohibited from operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher. The laws pertaining to DUI arrests allow for very severe penalties to be imposed, even for first time offenders. Auto accidents that involve intoxication cause thousands of injuries and deaths every year. In an attempt to reduce these numbers, Georgia law enforcement has been cracking down, and the police are on high alert, ready to pull over any person who is exhibiting any suspicious driving behavior. Prosecutors are aggressively pursuing convictions and the courts are jammed with DUI cases. Your best chance of overcoming a conviction is having a skilled DUI lawyer on your side who is ready to take action to fight back for you, at every phase of the case. Please contact the firm on an immediate basis if you have recently been arrested for a DUI.

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I contacted Mr. Zeliff from out of state for a DUI case of mine in Georgia. He immediately took charge of my case and worked adamantly to get my charges reduced. The court system (Assistant Prosecutor) in the county which this occurred was very rigid in their processes, for which Mr. Zeliff worked through all the roadblocks to bring my case to a close. His drive and professionalism was able to get ... - Anonymous
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