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How to Fight a Probation Violation in Georgia


You pleaded guilty to a charge and were sentenced to probation. No big deal, everyone has to do probation, right? The first few months go smooth, then out of the blue you get a call from your p.o. You failed a drug screen, or missed a meeting, or committed an infraction you don't even know about, and BAM- you have a warrant for your arrest. You're told to report to jail, or come to their office before you are picked up by the sheriff's office. What do you do next?

Probation Violations

Probation violations in Georgia can mean a variety of things. While the most common violations are for non-reporting, other common violations include:

  1. Failure to report
  2. Failing a drug or alcohol test
  3. Missing a required substance abuse meeting
  4. Failing to complete court-ordered classes on time
  5. Missing or behind on payments

While there are general and special conditions of probation which each carry their own revocation rules, both will land you in jail waiting for a hearing. Because probation is essentially a contract between you and the judge, and keeps you out of jail- assuming you do everything right- you must go back in front of the judge, usually, when a probation violation is alleged.

The judge has two basic options: either revoke your probation, or dismiss the probation warrant. Sometimes an agreement can be reached with your probation officer, meaning the judge only has to accept or reject the new terms. Of course, you can challenge probation violations with a hearing, though you have a tougher burden when fighting a probation case.

Should I Get an Attorney for My Probation Violation?

The short answer is: yes. Because your freedom is literally on the line, it is always a good idea to have an attorney defend your case both with your probation officer, and in the courtroom. Usually, when we come into a probation case, the p.o. will level with us, even if they quit returning your calls months ago. Further, we know the channels to use in order to get agreements done that can save you from a full blown probation violation hearing.

If you have been charged with a violation of probation, call our office today to discuss your case. We are usually available to begin working on your case the same-day, and will start the process of defending your case before it gets in front of the judge.

Give us a call at: 770 676-1340 or contact us through our contact form on this site.

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