Violent Crimes

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What Does Georgia Consider a Violent Crime?

Violent crimes are defined as those in which another is harmed through the use of physical force, weapons or the threat of violence. Certain sex crimes such as rape and many domestic violence charges are considered violent crimes as well.

Other examples of violent crimes include:

Most violent crimes are felonies which are punished severely, including the death penalty. The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt each element of the crime you are accused of. It is the job of a proven violent crimes attorney from Zeliff | Watson to locate and expose the weak points in the prosecution's case and utilize these to produce the best outcome possible.

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Zeliff | Watson Georgia Violent Crimes Defense

Our defensive strategy will depend on:

  • The circumstances of your case
  • What the laws state
  • The evidence against you

At times, it can be proven that you acted in self-defense. If you were attacked first, couldn't resolve the incident in any other manner, used force to a similar degree that you were threatened with and your actions ceased when there was no longer any danger, these factors can greatly affect how the court views the situation.

Other Defense Tactics:

  • At times, improper law enforcement actions can produce a false confession and if this is the case the charges against you may have to be dropped.
  • If you were provoked and reacted in a way that any normal person would or were just caught up in the emotions of the incident, we may be able to use these facts to get your charges reduced.
  • Another viable defense can be that you did not have what is known as "criminal intent" in your actions, that the situation was the result of an accident.
  • It may also be relevant if drugs, alcohol or other factors made it so that you lacked the needed capacity to commit the crime.

Zeliff | Watson's goal is to get your charges dismissed or reduced through hard-hitting and committed criminal defense. Most of these offenses carry with them long terms of incarceration and we, therefore, urge you to talk to us quickly, as preparation is the key to victory when battling violent crime charges.

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