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Why You Should Not Call the Detective Back


I field weekly calls from prospective clients who have just received a call or had a voicemail pop up from a cop wanting to talk. Often times, the officer or detective will ask that they come down to the station to just sit and chat or maybe answer a few questions. As a general rule, this is never a good idea. Actually, this is never a good idea, period.

When law enforcement wants to have a chat with you, it's for one reason: to gather the best evidence they can that a crime has been committed. What better evidence than a full blown digitally captured confession? There is no more compelling evidence for a prosecutor, judge or jury. Recorded confessions make criminal defense attorneys cringe, and for good reason.

When you have received a call and think that coming clean, or even revealing only certain information will help your cause, remember that cops are well trained in interrogation techniques. Some of the most common things people tell me about these officers are how nice they sounded, and how are just trying to help clear any confusion in the air. This simply is not the case. Whether the evidence against you is weak or strong, officers always know your admissions will be the most damaging evidence against you.

If you have received a call and are wondering if you should call a detective back, call us first. Hit and run and theft charges are some of the most common allegations where someone maybe calling to ask you questions. Contrary to popular belief, having an attorney call these officers back does not make you look guilty. As a matter of fact, it usually lets the officer know that you are serious about defending yourself- their case will not be open and shut with your full blown confession within 24 hours. In my experience, better deals get worked out and the experience flows a lot smoother for someone under investigation who has a defense lawyer. Call us 24/7 if you have an officer looking for you. We will discuss your options with you and plan your best defense.

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