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In Georgia, if your child is under the age of 21 and is convicted of a DUI, they could be facing some very serious consequences. Your loved one could be facing thousands of dollars in fines, the loss of their driver's license, and even jail time. You need a Forsyth County underage DUI attorney who understands Georgia's laws and can fight to protect your child's rights.

Our legal team at Zeliff | Watson understands that being under the age of 21 is no excuse to be charged with a DUI. As a result, we know that your child could still be charged with a DUI even if you did not realize that you were intoxicated. Our legal team can fight to prove that they were not impaired or that they did not realize they were intoxicated.

We can also challenge the police procedures and the tests that were given to determine your child's blood alcohol content (BAC). If the police did not follow the proper procedures, the charges could be dropped or significantly reduced. We understand that your child's future is at stake and we can work to protect them from the serious consequences of a DUI conviction.

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Underage DUI Laws & Penalties Georgia?

In Georgia, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .02 percent or higher.

For a first-offense underage DUI in Georgia, the penalties can include the following:

  • Criminal Charges: A first-offense underage DUI is considered a misdemeanor in Georgia. If convicted, the individual will have a permanent criminal record, which can have long-term consequences.
  • License Suspension: The driver's license will be suspended for a period of six months. During this time, the individual may be eligible for a limited driving permit that allows them to drive to and from school, work, or medical appointments.
  • Alcohol and Drug Evaluation: The court may require the individual to undergo an alcohol and drug evaluation at their expense. The evaluation aims to assess any substance abuse issues and recommend appropriate treatment or counseling.
  • DUI Risk Reduction Program: Completion of a DUI Risk Reduction Program, also known as DUI school, is mandatory. The program consists of 20 hours of classroom sessions, and the individual is responsible for the associated costs.
  • Fines and Fees: The fines for a first-offense underage DUI can range from $300 to $1,000, depending on the circumstances of the offense. Additionally, there may be court costs and other fees associated with the legal process.
  • Probation: The court may impose a probationary period, during which the offender must comply with specific conditions, such as attending counseling or submitting to random drug tests. Failure to adhere to these conditions can result in more severe penalties.

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At Zeliff | Watson, we understand that your family is probably facing a lot of uncertainty. We want to help you all through this difficult time and work to get the charges reduced or dismissed.

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