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Steps You Can Take to Defend Your DUI Case in Georgia


Clients who have been arrested and charged with DUI frequently ask me what, if anything, they can do to assist in their defense. After successfully defending hundreds of DUI cases, there are some steps I see clients take that aid in their defense. These steps involve completing some of the requirements, in advance, that Georgia law usually mandates in DUI cases. While completing these requirements early in a case can only help, it is certainly not mandatory and you should consult with us further if you are wondering if they would help your particular case. My clients, past and present, know that I believe a proactive defense is best in defending against DUI charges. While every case is different, talk to me about how being proactive with these steps will almost always help your defense.

1. Complete a "DUI School", referred to as Risk Reduction Class through a Georgia approved agency.

2. Obtain and substance abuse evaluation through a Georgia approved agency.

3. Begin volunteering at a non-profit organization and keeping track of community service hours you have performed.

*contact me at for a more comprehensive list with contact information for these providers*

While your individual case requirements will vary from court to court, beginning these requirements is helpful and they are usually accepted when done in advance of a court date. If you currently have a defense lawyer, ask them about how doing these requirements may help your case. See if your particular court or judge has specific requirements.

Remember, taking a proactive approach will almost always help a case. Prosecutors in today's world are very averse to dismissing cases all together, unless the arresting officer's acts were borderline criminal- which is seemingly a rare case. If you feel that your DUI arrest is completely unsupported by any evidence, again, set up a consultation and let's talk about the facts and circumstances of your arrest. There are cases where I wouldn't advise spending the time and out-of-pocket money up front in doing these conditions, but those situations are few and far between.

Call our office today if you have questions about your case, or if we need to start from scratch and build your best defense. We are always available 7 days a week for phone and in-office appointments. To view my profile and credentials, click here. For Attorney Zeliff's credentials and accolades follow this link.

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