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Georgia Vehicular Homicide Charges Explained


In Georgia, there are two tiers of vehicular homicide: first degree vehicular homicide and second degree vehicular homicide. While second degree vehicular homicide is a misdemeanor charge, vehicular homicide in the first degree is a felony charge typically carrying a prison sentence of 3-25 years. The minimum sentence is increased to 5-20 years if you committed vehicular homicide while under a habitual violator revocation.

Under Georgia law, vehicular homicide in the first degree is a felony and can be committed in the following ways:

1. Causing a death while passing a school bus

2. Causing a death while committing the act of reckless driving

3. Causing a death while DUI

4. Causing a death while fleeing and attempting to elude law enforcement

5. Leaving the scene of an accident resulting in a death

All other traffic violations resulting in a death fall under second degree vehicular homicide and are punished as misdemeanor crimes. This means a maximum fine of $1,000 and up to 12 months in jail can be imposed by a judge upon conviction.

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