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Can Two Beers Make You DUI?


2 Beers = DUI?!?

It can in Georgia.

One of the biggest misconceptions about DUI laws in Georgia is that you have to be over the limit to be arrested for DUI. This is simply not true. Under Georgia law, there are 2 types of alcohol related DUIs and only 1 of them requires you to be over the legal limit. The lesser known and often-misunderstood less safe DUI is the 2nd way cops in Georgia arrest drivers for DUI, and it happens a lot.

A less safe DUI in Georgia only requires that the cop form the opinion that you are too impaired to safely drive. That's right, you can be arrested for DUI based only on a cop's opinion. 2 drinks, 3 drinks, only 1 drink? It makes no difference. And the officers DUI training, experience, and competence? It doesn't matter. Georgia law only requires the officer to have probable cause to make an arrest if they suspect a crime.

If you have questions about how you can avoid a less safe DUI, or if you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, email us for more information, including helpful tips on avoiding a DUI conviction. Remember, with a less safe DUI, any amount of alcohol could potentially land you behind bars, but there are things to remember to help avoid being put in this horrible situation.

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