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Atlanta DUI Charges: Trial in Atlanta or Fulton?


If you have been arrested in Atlanta for DUI, your citations will likely direct you to appear at the Atlanta Municipal Court. Often, first court dates are within days of a DUI arrest and it can leave you scrambling looking for representation.

Atlanta Municipal Court Date for DUI

On your first court date in Atlanta Municipal Court, the Judge will want to know how you plead to your charges. If you have a lawyer, they will file the appropriate paperwork with the Judge and potentially have you excused from this first, basic hearing. If you do not have a lawyer, or need more time to hire a lawyer, you must show up for court at 8 a.m. and inform the Judge that you need more time to get legal representation. You will be given between 15-30 days for a new hearing date.

Atlanta DUI License Appeal Letter

Remember, in addition to appearing at court in Atlanta, you must file a DUI appeal letter after your DUI arrest. The appeal letter must state why you are challenging the suspension of your license and contain other basic identifying information about you. This letter is filed not with the Atlanta court, but with the Department of Driver Services. Driver Services will then forward your paperwork to a hearing judge who will hold your hearing at the Office of State Administrative Hearings on Peachtree Street.

Once you have retained a lawyer and filed initial paperwork and pleadings in your case, you must decide, with your lawyer, whether to have your case heard in the Atlanta Municipal Court or the Fulton County State Court. This is a decision that cannot be taken lightly, as there are advantages and disadvantages to each. Currently, a majority of cases are being transferred to Fulton County, however, speak to your lawyer before making this decision.

Atlanta DUI Lawyers: 24/7 Consults

If you have further questions, or have been arrested for DUI in Atlanta, call our office today for a consultation about your rights and the best approach to defend your case. We will not only give you information about your DUI case, but can also assist and send your license appeal letter to Driver Services. We are available on the weekend to consult with you about a Monday morning court date in Atlanta.

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