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Could Driver Face Vehicular Homicide Charges for Ladder Accident?


Deadly Car Accident From Fallen Ladder

Last Tuesday, a vehicle traveling on I-285 near Washington Road apparently lost a ladder, which caused a multi car pileup that killed one person and injured two. According to the AJC story, police are searching for the driver and their identity is unknown at this time.

The person killed was apparently driving the first vehicle to be struck by the ladder and those who were injured were transported to the hospital. Georgia Public Safety Commissioner Mark McDonough iterated that when someone causes a death through their own negligence, they will be held criminally responsible. McDonough also urged the unknown driver to turn themselves in to authorities.

Georgia Vehicular Homicide Charges

In Georgia, you can be charged with vehicular homicide if you cause the death of another person and are found to be in violation of a criminal or traffic statute. For instance, in this case, if it is shown that the driver did actually fail to have their ladder properly secured, that could support a charge by itself. Coupled with the deadly accident, a vehicular homicide charge could be prosecuted.

If you have questions about vehicular homicide laws in Georgia, or need more information on a specific charge, call or email our office.

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