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Georgia DUI for Out of State Drivers


Being arrested for DUI in Georgia can affect your driver's license, even if you are from another state. We represent many people in Atlanta for the weekend or on business and are arrested for DUI. While minimizing the impact a DUI arrest will have on your license is only one aspect of a DUI case, its important to know the basics.

Georgia DUI for Out-of-State-Drivers

If you have been arrested for DUI in Atlanta or throughout Georgia, the arresting officer will likely take your license and give you a Form 1205 that explains your appeal rights for any license suspension. While the officer may move to suspend your privileges in Georgia, they cannot suspend your out-of-state license; only your home state may do that.

If the officer who arrested you took your driver's license, gave you a 1205 Form, or told you they were going to suspend your driving rights, you need to file an appeal within 10 days after your arrest. The appeal instructions are outlined on your Form 1205 and the letter must be sent to the Georgia Dept. of Driver Services.

Appealing your suspension will delay any license suspension in Georgia until after a hearing is held. It will be up to your home state to determine whether they suspend your actual driver's license due to the Georgia arrest. Some states do honor Georgia's suspensions and some seemingly do not. You will want your defense lawyer to check on your specific situation. Remember too that a Georgia license suspension hearing is completely separate from any outcome on your actual misdemeanor DUI charges. Once again, whether your home state will suspend your license based on a plea or verdict in your DUI case will depend on your state and whether they transmit and receive information from Georgia.

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