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Passing School Bus Charges in Georgia


Two years after we first wrote about passing school bus charges in Georgia, the law is being enforced as zealously as ever, and thousands have been ticketed for passing school busses. Perhaps the biggest surprise to those cited for passing a school bus is the fact the offense leads to 6 points on your driving record- the SAME amount of points as a DUI charge, and actually more points than a RECKLESS DRIVING charge.

In addition to having a 6 point offense on your driving record, cities and counties, particularly in North Atlanta, rake in huge fines on school bus tickets, with court ordered fines generally ranging from $700-$1,000! While there are some traffic tickets you can handle on your own, passing a school bus IS NOT one of them. Prosecutors are very reluctant to negotiate on these cases, and the damage done to your record is paralyzing.

After having jury trials, bench trials, and countless negotiations on passing school bus charges, our lawyers know your best defenses to school bus charges. If you have been ticketed for passing a bus, call our office today at (770) 676-1340 or email us directly at: to discuss your best defense and how we can help your case.

To read our 2012 post with moreinformation about passing school bus tickets, click here.

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