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Do I Need A Lawyer for my Speeding Ticket?


We receive a number of calls each day from people who wonder if they need a lawyer for their speeding ticket in Georgia. While it is always a good idea to have a lawyer and we can often help keep you out of court for hours on in, even on a speeding ticket, there are some times when you really want to have a lawyer. This includes:

1. If you live out of state and were just passing through or visiting for work. If you hold an out of state driver's license, Georgia will simply report the outcome of your court case to your home state. Thus, your state will treat the offense as they would if you had been cited in your home state. While a 15 MPH ticket may only be 2 points in Georgia, it could have harsher penalties in your home state. Beware.

2. When you receive a ticket for 85+ MPH on any highway in Georgia. A ticket for 85+ MPH will subject you to Georgia's super speeder law, which will add an additional $200 fee to any speeding ticket. The GA DDS will send you an invoice, which must be paid within 120 days or your license will be suspended. It doesn't matter if you live out of state; Georgia will notify your home state.

3. When you are under 21 years old. Minors- those under the age of 21 in Georgia- are subjected to much stiffer penalites for speeding tickets and other traffic infractions. For speeding, any ticket 24 MPH of higher will automatically suspend your license if you plead guilty. Already paid your ticket online only to be suspended? Call us to discuss undoing your plea and getting your license back.

4. When you have 2 or more offenses on your record in the past 5 years. Georgia's point system always looks back the past 24 months preceeding your ticket. You are allowed 15 points in any 2 year period before your driver's license is suspended. If you have a rather bad driving record, you probably want to pull your points and call us if you are getting close to 15.

5. If you hold a Commercial Driver's License. CDL holders, like minors, have a much more stringent system than the rest of us. If you hold a CDL, many seemingly minor tickets, including speeding, can negatively impact or even suspend your license.

6. If you are are alleged to have committed another driving offense like Reckless Driving along with your speeding ticket. If you have multiple tickets, you will want to get an attorney. If nothing else, negotiating to have some of the charges dismissed or merged into your speeding ticket will help save your record. Often, prosecutors are willing to negotiate and even dismiss most charges, depending on negotiaitons.

7.If you drive a company vehicle. Any tickets are bad news if your drive a company vehicle. Insurance companies on fleet vehicles pull records a lot more often, sometimes every quarter or twice a year. A speeding ticket could get you dropped from your company's policy.

8.If you were going more than 90 MPH on any highway or roadway. I know #2 discusses the Super Speeder Law and its dangers, but going 90+ MPH will subject you up to the maximum $1000 fine and even jail, depending on your history. Don't get caught standing in front of a judge alone with a speeding ticket for 100 MPH. The results will not be favorable.

If you have received a speeding ticket in Georgia and are unsure if you need a lawyer, shoot us an email at:, or call us directly at (770) 676-1340 to discuss your ticket. Our lawyers have defended hundreds of traffic tickets in courts from Blue Ridge to Fayetteville. We will be happy to put our experience to work for you and help you lessen the blow of your ticket.

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