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Brookhaven Beer Festival Sobriety Tests:


If you were at Brookhaven Beer Festival this year and dropped by our tent, we hope you had a good time and left a little more educated on the risks involved with DUI cases in Georgia. In case you missed it though, here are Evan's Top 10 DUI Myths from his website,

  1. Only a few drinks cannot make you DUI
  2. Do Field Sobriety Tests and get out of a DUI
  3. Blow, Don't Blow
  4. A DUI means you have a problem
  5. Don't Spend Money on a Lawyer, Just Plead
  6. DUIs Don't Impact Insurance
  7. A DUI Will Eventually Come Off Your Record
  8. A Lawyer is Ridiculously Expensive

To read about each of these myths, check them out here at If you have questions, or need our assistance on a DUI or other type of citation or case, call us anytime at (770) 887-3720, text us anytime at: (470) 222-4DUI, or email me directly at:

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