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Can I Plead No Contest to DUI?


Can I Plead No Contest to DUI?

While you can plead no contest, or nolo contendre, to a DUI in Georgia, the plea is not that helpful, as it still has the effect of a guilty plea to DUI.

What is a Nolo Contendre Plea?

A plea of nolo contendre, or no contest, simply means you are not contesting or admitting to the underlying facts of the case. With that said, it is still very similar to a guilty plea and you will have all of the same fines, punishments and terms as you would if you pled guilty. The case where nolo is the most helpful is on a traffic accident where you were issued a citation. If you plead guilty to the citation, the other party who you had the accident with could bring up the fact you pled guilty in court and even in trial. With a nolo plea, the fact you closed the case by pleading nolo is inadmissible and cannot be mentioned at any trial on the civil side of things. Of course, in a civil case, the other party is seeking money from you and your insurance carrier.

No Contest to DUI

Under Georgia law, you can enter a nolo contendre plea to a DUI. In order for the judge to accept the plea, they must lay out reasons why they will accept the plea in your case. No contest pleas are not very common in DUI cases. In fact, many attorneys have never even entered a nolo plea in a DUI case.

Even if you plead nolo, your license will still be suspended and all of your plea terms will remain the same. This means you are still stuck with community service, probation time, alcohol evaluations and classes, as well as fines and court costs. Additionally, your DUI will still show up on both your driving record and your criminal background report if you plead nolo.

Can I Fight for a Better Outcome Than Guilty or Nolo?

You can absolutely fight your DUI for a better outcome than a guilty or no contest plea. Our firm fights DUI cases on a daily bases, often times earning pleas to lesser charges than the original DUI charge. Our firm uses a multi-step approach to beating DUI charges that include a thorough review of all available evidence, crafting sound legal arguments in your case, and having you proactively help us with your defense.

If you have been charged with any type of DUI, from DUI Drugs to DUI Alcohol, give us a call today to discuss how we would defend your case and fight to clear your record of your DUI. We can be reached 24/7 at (770) 676-1340.

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