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Certified Georgia Ignition Interlock Devices


As of November 2015, the following Manufacturer/Models of ignition interlock devices are approved for use in Georgia:

A Simple Interlock, LLC Co-Pilot

Alcohol Detection Systems DM904

Alcohol Detection Systems Determinator 2

AutoSense International Alco-Lock III

B.E.S.T. Labs, Inc. FR9000

Consumer Safety Technology, Inc. 1001-A

Determinator DM904

Draeger Safety Diagnostics, Inc. Drager Interlock® XT

Guardian Interlock System AMS 2000

LifeSafer Interlock FC 100

LifeSafer Interlock SC 100

Smart Start SSI-1000

Smart Start SSI 20/20

Smart Start SSI 20/30

If you have questions about getting a financial hardship waiver for ignition interlock, or having ignition interlock in lieu of a hard license suspension for refusing testing, give our attorneys a call today.

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