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How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record?


There is a lot of incorrect information out there about how long a DUI stays on your record. Unfortunately, the answer isn't good: forever. In Georgia, DUI is one of the toughest crimes to fight, and the laws are extremely harsh for those looking to have a DUI removed from their criminal history.

Can I Have a DUI Expunged in Georgia?

There are only two circumstances when a DUI can be expunged or restricted form your record in Georgia. The first is if you win a trial, either a bench or jury trial, on all charges. This means you must be found not guilty of not just the DUI charges, but all charges. The second time you can have a DUI expunged in Georgia is if the entire case is dismissed by the prosecutor. Assuming the case is dismissed, you can also apply for a record restriction.

Can I plead Nolo, or No Contest to a DUI in Georgia?

Yes, but, it must be accepted by the judge and it really does not do much, if any, good. It is treated as a guilty plea for purposes of your driver's license, meaning you face the exact same suspension terms. Additionally, a no contest, or nolo, plea goes on your record and remains forever, both on a driving and criminal history. Again, a nolo plea does very little to help a DUI.

Can I plead First Offender on a DUI?

No. Georgia specifically forbids DUI offenders from pleading first offender under our laws. You can be in possession of the hardest drugs, like meth and heroin, or commit aggravated assault or other serious felonies and plead first offender, but you cannot use this plea on a DUI.

Best Chances to Have DUI Off Your Record.

Your only path to having a DUI removed from your record is to be prepared to fight the case to, and through, trial. Win the trial, have your name cleared. With this said, it is vital to have a team of attorneys who not only know DUI laws, but are experienced and constantly contesting DUIs through trial.

At Zeliff | Watson, both of our law partners pride themselves on fighting cases through trial, and obtaining the best results for their clients. With preparation comes results.

To speak to our team about your situation today, give us a call, 24/7/365.

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