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Defending False Sexual Harassment Allegations


If you have been falsely accused of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct by a coworker, employee, employer, or any other acquaintance, it is essential to have strong representation to defend your good name against these allegations. Sexual misconduct allegations can spread like wildfire, and quickly mean the end of a career, a marriage, or more.

If you have been approached or received notice that someone has levied sexual allegations against you, you will want to preserve all of the relevant evidence to support your side of things. This means, emails, call logs, texts, and any other correspondence- including social media- should be preserved by you. Ideally, you would turn that over to your attorney at the first available opportunity to keep in-file, for use if the allegations escalate.

If misconduct allegations arise in the workplace, you want to confer with counsel before meeting HR, or even discussing the situation with your company, or its representatives or legal counsel. Remember, companies, especially in 2018, are first and foremost concerned with insulating themselves from liability stemming from misconduct allegations. An employer’s attorneys are NOT your attorneys, and it should not be assumed that they will have your best interests at heart.

Under no circumstances should you directly confront an accuser that has made allegations against you. At least, not until you have secured legal counsel to take the proper avenues. Often, anything you say to an accuser will only end up in their legal counsel’s file and twisted to be used against you. Threats are often no less severe than the original allegations made, so do not let an emotionally driven reaction lead you into further legal issues, or even criminal charges.

At Zeliff | Watson, we are not only defense attorneys. We are attorneys that fight for our clients’ reputation and good name every day, day in-day out. We work hand-in-hand with some of the most qualified investigators in the industry and have co-counsel with a specialty in workplace harassment claims. At Zeliff | Watson, you are not simply getting an attorney--- you are getting one of the best legal teams in Georgia that will defend your character and honor from day one.

If you’ve had a sexual allegation or misconduct charge levied against you, call us today, 24/7 to discuss how we will build your defense. We can be reached at (770) 676-1340, or by using our confidential contact form within this site.

-This article was written by Partner Evan Watson. In his 10th year of practice, Evan is a highly accomplished defense and trial attorney, and connected with some of the brightest talent in the industry. Recent accolades include being named to the 2018 Super Lawyers “Rising Stars” list. Evan can be reached directly at

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