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Georgia Speeding Tickets- How they Can Affect You


In Georgia, a point system is used to keep track of driving offenses you have committed. The points assigned for each offense then end up on your Georgia driving record for the world to see. Employers, schools, and insurance companies are all interested in your driving record, and can pull it effortlessly in today's online world.

Points are assigned to moving violations in Georgia based on the severity of the driving offense. More severe violations receive more points assigned to them. These are not bonus points; they carry no favorable treatment. For drivers 21 and over, you are allowed 15 points on your Georgia driver's license in any 24-month period before you face problems like license suspension. If you reach this 15-point threshold, you may have your license suspended until you have taken the necessary actions to have it reinstated. Usually a fee and a driving school are required in order to have your license restored.

Moving violations in Georgia can carry up to six points. Six point offenses include aggressive driving, unlawful passing of a school bus, and speeding 34 mph or over. These offenses are some of the worst of the worst in the driving world, and will undoubtedly cause serious headaches for those who care about their driving records and insurance rates.

While not every speeding ticket in Georgia is a six-point offense, they all end up on your Georgia DMV history unless you or your attorney is able to work out a deal with the prosecutor handling your case. Georgia's speeding ticket point scale is:

  • 15-18 MPH Over- 2 points
  • 19-23 MPH Over- 3 points
  • 24-33 MPH Over- 4 points
  • 34+ MPH Over- 6 points

If you are facing prosecution on a speeding ticket, it is helpful to know your court. Contact an attorney who is experienced in your particular court. Ask about the judge, prosecutor, and whether or not any programs are typically offered for speeding ticket cases. Even a smaller point-value ticket can have a negative impact on your driver's record, so it never hurts to be informed. Do not simply go online and pay the ticket. This is a guilty plea and the consequences can be further reaching than you might imagine.

If you have a speeding citation with a looming court date and are unsure about the repercussions of paying the ticket or entering a guilty plea, call or email our office. We will be happy to take a few moments and discuss your options with you and at least put you on the right path. Some potential solutions to even the most blatant of speeding tickets could be to use a Zero Point Violation, No Contest plea, or simply attempt to obtain a reduction of the reported speed. These are all options we are happy to discuss with you.

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