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Proposed Law Could Erase DUI From Georgia Criminal Record


Proposed new legislation could give DUI offenders in Georgia a chance to clear their criminal record of a DUI charge, if they successfully complete the imposed sentence. The article reported that Georgia Representative Rusty Kidd of Milledgeville, Georgia has proposed the legislation contained in House Bill 799. Under the law, offenders who maintain a clean driving record for five years after a DUI arrest could be eligible to have the DUI removed.

Georgia's law currently has no such provision for DUI offenses. Guilty pleas, the rare no contest plea, and even Not Guilty verdicts all get reported and stay on your criminal record forever. First offender pleas are not allowed for DUI cases, and even reduced charges will show that a DUI arrest originally took place.

With DUI punishment already requiring upwards of 5-10 conditions for the average plea, news of this legislation comes with many questions to be answered. Would an offender be required to complete even more conditions as part of their plea? Would the law apply only to first DUI offenders and could it later be used in any new cases? The questions could go on.

While the details will come out, one things is for sure; even the possibility of having a DUI cleared from your criminal record is 100% better than Georgia's current scheme, which provides no relief for those charged with DUI. If you are facing DUI charges, and are unsure of the implications the charges could have on your criminal record, employment opportunities, etc., call us today. We will be happy to go over your particular situation and devise a defense for your case.

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