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Lawsuit Filed Against Bella Homes Alleges Fraud, Violations of Consumer Protection Laws


A lawsuit was recently filed in Colorado's Federal Court against Bella Homes, a Delaware Corporation doing business throughout the United States. Bella Homes claimed to be able to help distressed homebuyers save their homes from foreclosure by having the property owner's transfer their property to Bella, who would in-turn attempt to negotiate a purchase of the home from the lender. All the while, Bella would 'rent' the property back to the individuals and collect rent payments, while allegedly doing nothing to prevent the inevitable foreclosure on the property.

Both the U.S. and Colorado Attorneys General have filed suit against Bella Homes seeking to stop Bella Homes' practices and freeze any existing assets obtained from their business.

Our law firm is tracking this story, and has been approached by an apparent victim of Bella Homes. If you have done business with Bella, or would like more information, please call Mr. Watson directly at (404) 642-6333. Additionally, Mr. Watson can be reached at Both Mr. Watson, and Attorney Gina Lindekugel are available for consultation and to discuss potential remedies in your situation.

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