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Contesting Alpharetta Speeding Tickets


If you have been charged with speeding in Alpharetta, you have some options other than pleading guilty and having the points and charge transferred to your driving record. Play it smart and you could save yourself a lot of headache and expense down the road.

All Alpharetta Police and Georgia State Patrol speeding tickets made in Alpharetta will have a first court date at the Alpharetta Municipal Court. At this date, you or your lawyer will have the opportunity to negotiate with the court prosecutor about the ticket. If you have a ticket that you are not 100% confident you can handle and negotiate yourself, speak with a lawyer. An experienced lawyer who knows the court will make the stress on you significantly less.

It is important to hire a lawyer early on, rather than wait until the last minute in Alpharetta. Through open records request, your lawyer will be able to obtain any supplemental information that may be applicable to your case. Also, this gives your lawyer time to schedule a special meeting with the prosecutor in the event one is needed.

Remember, Alpharetta Municipal Court uses the same point system on speeding tickets and traffic tickets that all courts throughout Georgia use. Some common ticket points are:

Speeding 15-18 = 2 points

Speeding 19-23 = 3 points

Speeding 24-33 = 4 points

Speeding 34+ = 6 points

Reckless Driving = 4 points

DUI = 6 points

School Bus Violations= 6 points

All moving violations= 3 points

Aggressive Driving = 6 points

After the first court date in Alpharetta, your lawyer should have a plan for handling your ticket and be able to discuss all of your options with you. In the event you can not reach an agreement in Alpharetta, you always have the option of transferring your case to Fulton County for trial.

Currently, at Zeliff | Watson, we only accept Speeding clients alleged to be traveling 100 MPH or greater. If your ticket does not exceed that speed, we encourage you to find an attorney local to the court your citation is pending in. We do, however, accept speeding tickets when combined with other charges like DUI, reckless driving, and the like. Call or email today to setup an appointment if this is the case.

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