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Georgia DUI Refusal: Appealing a License Suspension


If you have been arrested for a DUI in Georgia, sending your license appeal letter is your first critical step. Usually, the officer who arrests you will both take your license and give you a yellow suspension form (1205 form). Even if neither of these things happened, the safest bet is to send an appeal letter to CYA.

You can click here for the Hearing Request Form straight from the Dept. of Driver Services' website. Remember that you must send an $150 payment with your request for a hearing. I advise sending a certified check or money order and keeping the receipt. Send the letter to the address listed on your suspension notice. If you don't have this notice, call us and we will walk you through it.

If you do not feel comfortable handling your own suspension appeal letter, call or email us. We only charge a nominal fee to cover costs of sending your letter, certified mail, to the Dept. of Driver Services. We do hundreds of these letters annually and will make sure your letter is done right and timely filed in the 10 day window. You will get a copy of your letter and supporting documents in email and can follow your case from there.

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