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Zeliff & Watson Win Six Jury Trials & Three Bench Trials in 2012


At Zeliff | Watson, we believe in the value of a good defense and the art of advocacy. The year 2012 was a good year for our clients as it was for our firm. We are proud to say that in 2012, we were able to successfully win a total of six jury trials and three bench trials on behalf of our loyal clients!

One such case in the State v. R.C., our client was asked to perform a series of field sobriety tests after the officer smelled the "strong" odor of alcohol on his breath. After failing three of the four tests he was arrested for DUI. At trial the prosecutor introduced a video into evidence showing our client directing numerous racial slurs and other obscenities at the officer. After a one day trial and only 20 minutes of deliberations, the jury came back with a not guilty verdict on all counts, thus allowing our client to reapply for his driver's license almost six months before his suspension was to expire!

In the State v. R.B., our client was arrested for DUI at a roadblock after admitting to drinking four Long Island iced teas and blowing 0.102% in the Intoxilyzer 5000. Although he performed poorly on the field sobriety tests, he was shown on the video being polite to the officer prior to the testing. At trial, the prosecutor couldn't produce the breath testing slip, but the officer was able to show that he had made a note on the traffic citation and the typed report. After 90 minutes of deliberations, the jury acquitted our client on both charges – DUI less safe (the police officer's opinion on the driver's impairment), and DUI per se (our client's alleged 0.102% result).

These are just a few of our wins for 2012; as a result of our numerous client successes for 2012, a number of our satisfied clients have left positive reviews of their experiences on On working with Evan Watson, one such client said, "Mr. Watson was able to negotiate a deal that would not only keep by [sic] license but would also keep the DUI off my record!"

In another client review on Avvo, in reference to attorney Zeliff our client said, "He is truly well versed and well practice in what he does within the legal system, but he is also very personable and devoted to his client."

At Zeliff | Watson, we care about our clients, their families and their futures. We take the time to explain our clients their rights and search carefully for any and all viable defenses. Sometimes the smallest detail, the slightest ambiguity, or other procedural error can be the very aspect of a case that gets our client acquitted. We have the patience, the knowledge and the know-how to get things done and to serve your best interests! Call us today to schedule your consultation; we look forward to helping you in your DUI or other criminal matter.

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