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Milton GA Minor in Possession-MIP-Charges


Milton GA prosecutes Minor in Possession charges (MIP) in the Milton Municipal Court. An MIP charge is usually prosecuted as a violation of state law, meaning that if you are arrested, or plead guilty to the charge, it will go on your Georgia record and be accessible forever. Thus, it is not wise to simply show up at court and offer to plead guilty just to get the case over with. While MIP charges can seem rather cut and dry, there are alternatives to explore to pleading guilty and being stuck with a record.

In order to put my client's in the best position to defend their charges, there are usually some first steps I recommend that take for MIP charges in Milton. First and foremost, getting a drug and alcohol assessment done is recommended. The assessment is basically a 60-90 minute counseling session where a state-approved counselor speaks to you about your past and present alcohol use, your background, and any other issues that could have an effect on your legal situation. Additionally, I recommend all of my clients to start logging some community service hours at a non profit group. Generally, you can pick and choose what organization you work for, as long as it's a legitimate 501(c)(3) non profit.

Your first court date in Milton for MIP could be weeks, or even months after you are arrested and given a citation. If you have been given a citation, call or email us and schedule an appointment to go over your situation. We will give you the information you need in order to maximize your chances of success in the court room. No two cases are alike, and the Milton Court will be more flexible in negotiations with your attorney if you show initiative in the process. Both attorneys Zeliff | Watson have extensive experience negotiating with Milton's prosecutor and will put their knowledge to work in defending your MIP charge.

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