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Blue Ridge Ga DUI Charges- Fight to Win


Blue Ridge DUI Charges: Fight to Win.

A DUI charge in Blue Ridge, Georgia is a stressful event, though it does not have to be a lifelong one. With some basic information on fighting DUI charges in Blue Ridge, you will be able to make better decisions about defending your case and avoiding a DUI conviction. This information is provided by our two Blue Ridge DUI lawyers in an effort to give you the basics in defending your case- call us after you have read it for more information and to discuss your case's facts.

DUI Charges in Blue Ridge, Georgia

In Blue Ridge, and throughout the state, you can be arrested and charged for DUIs in 5 different ways, though only 2 charges are alcohol specific. DUI Per Se and DUI Less Safe are the most 2 common charges when alcohol is alleged. If drugs are suspected, there is a separate DUI charge for DUI drugs, DUI drugs and alcohol combined, and DUI inhalants.

If no drug use is suspected, a DUI less safe charge or DUI per se charge will be brought against you. If you refuse the cop's request for a blood or breath test, then they must charge you with DUI less safe. Additionally, if you blow under the legal limit (.08 for adults), then you can be charged with DUI less safe. DUI Per Se will be charged if you blow over the legal limit for your age- .08 for adults, .02 for minors. Regardless of the type of DUI charge you are facing, your driver's license will be taken and you may have it suspended until you appeal and ask for a hearing.

Blue Ridge DUI License Suspensions

If you are charged with DUI in Blue Ridge, chances are the Georgia State Patrol officer or the Blue Ridge Police officer took your license. If your license was taken, you should look for a notice in your paperwork that informs you of the requirements to appeal any license suspension. Note that you only have 10 days to send this appeal letter to Driver Services, and there are particular requirements to the substance of the letter. If you have any doubts about sending this letter on your own, contact our office;there is no charge for us to write the letter on your behalf.

If you do send a license appeal letter, you will be granted a hearing on whether your license will be suspended. Our DUI lawyers always represent you at that hearing, as it is an important hearing in your case. Generally, the arresting officer and your lawyer can come to an agreement about your license at the hearing, or conduct an evidentiary hearing in front of a judge who will decide if the officer had grounds to arrest you for DUI. One of the worst situations we see when at these hearings is the person who did file a letter on their own, but then shows up at the hearing on their own. You are at an extreme disadvantage trying to represent yourself at these hearings and you will almost always be forced to lose your license or plead guilty to the original DUI charges later on.

Fighting a DUI Charge in the Blue Ridge Municipal Court

Your citation will likely inform you of your first court date in the Blue Ridge Municipal Court, unless you were arrested outside of Blue Ridge, in which case you will be given a court date in the Fannin County Probate Court to defend your DUI. The Blue Ridge Municipal Court holds court on the second Monday of every month at the City Hall building. When appearing in court for the first time on a DUI charge, the Judge will want to know if you have a lawyer and how you wish to plead to the charges. If you answer that you do not have a lawyer, the Judge may give you additional time to find one, as they know how serious of a charge you are facing.

When our lawyers represent you in Blue Ridge, we will usually be able to negotiate directly with the arresting officer. Whether you were arrested by a Blue Ridge Police officer or a Georgia State Patrol trooper, we will speak to them at or before your first court date. During the negotiation process in Blue Ridge, we will attempt to highlight the strengths of your case, and of your overall character in an effort to reach a non-DUI plea agreement. Certainly every case is different and a past record, multiple charges, and the facts of your specific arrest will all be factors in our negotiations with the officers. There is also a City Solicitor in the Blue Ridge Municipal Court who is in charge of all prosecutions and who will take part in negotiations. If we can reach an agreement with the officer and City Solicitor, your case maybe finalized in Blue Ridge.

Transferring a DUI to Fannin County

If after negotiations, we are unable to reach a resolution in the Blue Ridge court, we will likely transfer your case to Fannin County. You have the right to a jury trial in a DUI case in Georgia, so the transfer request will be granted if you ask. Once in Fannin County, your DUI case will 'reset' itself. We will have a first court date, known as an arraignment date, where we will enter your plea and inform the court of your course of action. Options for fighting your DUI in Fannin County include having hearings on the evidence in your case and its admissibility, having a trial with the judge, or having a trial with a jury of your peers. Regardless of the route you take, we will inform you every step of the way, and give you our assessment of the best path for your case.

Blue Ridge / Fannin County DUI Lawyers Peter Zeliff and Evan Watson

Both of our lawyers, Mr. Watson and Mr. Zeliff have extensive experience fighting DUI charges in North Georgia courtrooms. Our lawyers have hundreds of hearings a year, ranging from hearings on evidence to trials and everything in between. Additionally, Mr. Zeliff and Mr. Watson reach negotiated plea agreements on a large percentage of their cases, often saving you time, money, and rolling the dice on trial in your DUI. If you have questions about how our lawyers can save your license and fight your DUI arrest in Blue Ridge, call us directly today. There is never a charge for our initial consultation and we are happy to sit down with you and discuss our services. If you need immediate assistance in your case, email us at or .

Information on the Blue Ridge Municipal Court:

Court is located in City Hall at:

480 West First Street

Blue Ridge, GA 30513

Information on Fannin County Court:

Court is held at the county courthouse at:

400 West Main Street

Blue Ridge, GA 30513

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