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Removing Your Mug Shot from the Internet- Banks Cutting Ties


Removing your mug shot from the internet remains a difficult task, and a story reported by's Money section discusses what banks are doing to help. Following a New York Times story on popular mug shot internet sites, a cnn story highlights how major bank and credit card companies have promised to review and potentially sever ties with online mug shot publishing sites. This could deal a huge blow to the mug shot publishing industry, as sites such as, just mugshots, busted mugshots and others run tens of thousands of dollars through these major credit card and financial institutions.

Banks Cutting Ties with Mug Shot Websites

So far, only American Express (AMEX) has completely severed ties and quit processing mug shot site payments. While some mug shot removal sites still advertise that AMEX is accepted, a company spokesperson told CNN that the payments would decline when processed on their end. Other banks and companies have started a review into the sites before determining whether they will sever ties and stop honoring payments processed through these internet sites.

Georgia Mug Shot Websites & New Laws Against Them

Mug shot websites and mug shot magazines are huge business here in Georgia. Arrest records from most major jails are available online and therefore easily find their way into the hands of online and print mug shot publications. Gwinnett County, Fulton County, Dekalb and Cobb Counties all have online access to arrest information for anyone surfing the internet. Additionally, the mug shot websites, until recently, had used tactics to make sure a mug shot picture rose to the top of Google results, making it all put impossible to escape the humiliation of having a mug shot publically available.

While lawmakers have started to take steps in protecting Georgians against these online sites that many say use extortion to remain hugely profitable, the progress has been slow. So far, a law banning online sites from charging a fee to remove mug shots in certain situations has been passed. The law does not pertain to print publications and does not offer relief for everyone. If you case is pending, for instance, your mug shot remains open for these companies to pull, publish, and exploit.

Mug Shot Removal for Our Clients

Our clients frequently express their concern about the public availability of their mug shot and arrest information, so we keep on top of the latest changes and advances in mug shot removal law. If you have a pending charge, or have recently had a charge dismissed and are experiencing problems having the mug shot removed, call us today to discuss your options. Both lawyers Zeliff | Watson have handled hundreds of cases in Atlanta and North Georgia and know the best way to win your case and potentially fight to have your arrest information restricted. We never charge for our consultations and will be upfront and honest with you about your case.

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