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Will a DUI Show Up on My Record?


A common question I am asked is whether a DUI will show up on someone's record, and if so, when? You actually have two different records in Georgia that a DUI could show up on: your driving record and your criminal record. These records are completely separate and one does not affect the other.

Georgia DUI on Criminal Record

Your criminal record, or GCIC record, is where misdemeanor and felony arrests are stored. As soon as you are booked into jail and photos and fingerprints are taken, they are submitted to GCIC and placed on your record. When a job, housing, or the like asks to run a background check, the information they see will generally be from your GCIC. DUI arrests, like other arrests are put on your GCIC when you are booked. While your DUI is pending, the record will show the arrest. Once your case is resolved, either by plea or trial, then the court will update your GCIC record with the outcome. In Georgia, a DUI is forever if you plead guilty or are found guilty of it. There is no time window before it comes off- it stays permanently.

A DUI on Driving Record

Your driving record, or your DMV report, is the second record a DUI will generally appear on. If your license was taken and sent to Georgia Dept. of Driver Services after your arrest, then they will update your record to show a pending administrative license suspension on your DMV report. If the hearing is withdrawn, or your lawyer wins the hearing, then they will remove the administrative suspension from your report. Like your criminal history, if you plead guilty to DUI, or are found guilty of DUI, then the court will send DDS a copy of the outcome. DDS will then put the DUI conviction on your driving record. Driving records go back up to 7 years generally. Again, there is no way to have the DUI removed from your driving record earlier. Typically, insurance companies will look at your DMV record when making decisions about your insurability and premiums.

Avoiding a DUI in Georgia

A DUI arrest in Georgia will have a long lasting and often permanent effect on your driving and criminal records. Our firm handles dozens of DUI cases a month and we know how to minimize the impact a DUI will have on these records. If you have been arrested for a DUI less safe, DUI per se, or DUI drugs charge, call us today to discuss your best defense. Both of our defense lawyers receive the latest training on Georgia's new DUI laws and testing protocols. We can be reached at (770) 676 1340 or I can be reached directly at:

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