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Filing a lawsuit against a drunk driver in Georgia


Filing a lawsuit, or suing a DUI driver in Georgia involves actually serving the defendant with a complaint and filing the paperwork in the correct court. Typically, before a lawsuit is filed, both the plaintiff and defendant in a drunk driving accident case will attempt to reach a settlement based on the evidence and value of the case. Of course, insurance companies will typically attempt to undervalue your case, while your lawyer's job is to highlight the important aspects of your case to get you the best settlement possible.

When a lawsuit is filed in a DUI accident case, the other party's insurance company will be served, along with the actual defendant with a copy of the lawsuit. The DUI lawsuit must lay out and allege the basis for your complaint as well as the relief and damages you seek. Filing a lawsuit involves making sure all paperwork is in order and filed correctly, or else the case could be thrown out very early on. Filing suit and proceeding forward in drunk driving cases is not something that should be taken lightly. Insurance defense lawyers with years or experience are usually assigned to DUI accident cases and they know the most effective defenses.

Filing a lawsuit is just the first step towards trial in most DUI cases. Only after suit is filed can your lawyer engage in the full discovery process and demand written and other information from the defendant in the lawsuit.

If you have questions about filing a lawsuit against a drunk driver in Georgia, contact Attorney Watson directly to discuss your first steps. Attorney Watson has litigated hundreds of drunk driving cases in criminal court, and knows the ins and outs of DUI law, which will benefit you if you are pursuing a drunk driver claim. Contact directly at:

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