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Do I Need an Expert Witness in DUI Lawsuit?


Expert witnesses can be essential in bringing a drunk driving lawsuit. Expert witnesses in DUI cases are usually brought in to testify about the DUI investigation performed as well as how a driver's impairment affected their driving. Having a well-respected expert as part of your DUI lawsuit is essential in order to achieve the best outcome possible.

Typically, experts will be retained by the plaintiff's team in order to analyze the evidence in your DUI accident case, as well as perform their own investigation into the cause of your accident. Expert witnesses are often ex law enforcement officers that possess a high level of training and skill in evaluating DUI accidents and have a firm understanding of how a driver's impairment will affect their driving and be able to testify about these issues to a judge or jury in your case.

If you want more information about whether an expert witness could help your accident case, call or contact me to discuss your particular case in detail. I will be happy to cover my strategy with you as well as discuss your options for using expert witnesses in your DUI lawsuit.

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