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First DUI License Suspension Appeal in Atlanta


Under Georgia laws, your license will be suspended for an Atlanta DUI charge if you do not take action and appeal your arrest. Under Georgia's implied consent law, the officer who arrested you must confiscate your license and serve you with a notice to suspend your license after arresting you. The exact effect a DUI will have on your driver's license will depend on whether you took the required test of your blood or breath, and what the test results were.

Atlanta police and Georgia State Patrol officers know to take your license and serve you with the 1205 form if they arrest you for DUI. The license suspension proceedings that follow are separate from your criminal case in Atlanta Municipal Court, and usually happen more quickly. Within 10 days of being arrested, you must send an appeal letter to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, along with the correct filing fee to appeal your case. If you miss this deadline, you will receive a letter from driver services letting you know your license suspension period along with other requirements to reinstate your license after the suspension is up.

Appealing your license suspension and going before a Judge on your DUI license issue can be a critical stage of your DUI case. Our lawyers represent hundreds of clients in these hearings and know the ins and outs of successfully appealing your license suspension after a DUI arrest in Atlanta. Call us today if you have a pending license suspension for DUI and we will get you on track to get your license back.

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