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Does a BUI Charge Suspend My Driver's License?


A BUI- boating under the influence- charge in Georgia does not suspend your driver's license; however, there are still many pitfalls in pleading to a BUI. In 2013, Georgia laws tightened up the minimum punishment required on BUI cases. Pleading to a BUI now carries:

  1. Probation
  2. Jail time
  3. Possible alcohol and drug testing and treatment
  4. Risk reduction (DUI school)
  5. Fines and surcharges
  6. Loss of boating privileges
  7. 40+ hours of community service work

Additionally, while your driver's license and driving record are not impacted by a BUI charge, your GCIC, or criminal record, will show your DUI arrest and conviction. This means employers and anyone else conducting a background check will be able to see your BUI charge forever. Evan a first BUI conviction in Georgia is a misdemeanor and never expires or ages off your record. Once a guilty plea has been entered, chances are you are stuck with the charge on your record.

If you have been arrested for BUI, your privileges to drive a boat are immediately suspended. You must file an appeal with DNR and have the issue heard before you could be eligible to return to the water. Call us to discuss filing this appeal and defending your case ASAP after a BUI arrest. We will spend as long as it takes going over your options and best defense for your charges. Often, a BUI conviction can be avoided- an arrest does not guarantee you will have to plead guilty to the original charge.

We can be reached 24/7 to talk about your BUI at (770) 676-1340 or you can email me directly at: We defend BUI cases throughout North Georgia, but primarily on Lake Lanier and Lake Burton, in the Hall County, Forsyth County and Bartow County Courts.

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