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DUI Arraignments and First Hearings in Forsyth County, Georgia


Typically, when you are arrested for DUI, you are taken to jail and must post a bond to ensure you appear at all future court dates. In Forsyth County, Georgia, your first court date can be one to two months away, so getting out on bond is essential. Generally, a bond on a DUI in Forsyth is set around $2500-$3500, depending on whether you have other charges in addition to the DUI.

Forsyth County DUI Arraignment

Your first court date in Forsyth will be written on the bottom of your bonding sheet, and will usually be in the State Court of Forsyth County. Forsyth's State Court handles all misdemeanor and most traffic cases, unless you were charged by the City of Cumming, which has its own court.

Forsyth's DUI Court & Arraignment

The arraignment date in Forsyth can usually be waived in DUI cases, once you have an attorney and if you are not eligible for DUI Court. DUI Court is a program designed for multiple DUI offenders, where you plead Guilty to your DUI, but go through intensive substance abuse treatment supervised by the court in lieu of lengthy jail sentences. DUI Court is usually reserved for those offenders with multiple DUIs on their record and we can generally waive your appearance at the DUI court screen and arraignment.

Pleading Not Guilty to DUI

Arraignments in Forsyth County are your opportunity to plead Guilty or Not Guilty to the charges against you. It is rather commonplace for our law firm to enter our client's Not Guilty plea before this arraignment date and file it into the court's record. This prevents you from taking off work to sit in court for hours just to enter a Not Guilty plea. An arraignment is not the time or place to contest the charges against you. Cops and witnesses do not have to be at this first court date, as it is merely an opportunity for the Judge to hear how you wish to plea.

Filing Motions in Your DUI Case

Before arraignment, our office generally files case-specific paperwork and motions for your case. These motions inform the court that we represent you, and also force the prosecution to begin producing evidence that is available in your case. Initial police reports, supplemental reports, video and audio recordings, and even data on the breath or blood test you may have taken must all be produced once motions have been filed in your case. These motions are crafted by our lawyers and are designed to compel all relevant evidence in your DUI case to be handed over, so it may aide in your defense.

Forsyth County DUI Trial Calendars

After your arraignment date has been waived, or you have attended and pled Not Guilty, your case will be set on various calendars depending on what we are asking the court to consider and whether we have asked for a trial in front of a judge or jury. Generally, Forsyth wait times for trials and other hearings can range from 30 days to 3 or more months, depending on the hearing. During this time, you will be briefed on the status of your case by your attorney and will be making decisions along the way.

Forsyth County DUI Lawyers Evan Watson & Peter Zeliff

If you have been charged with a DUI in Forsyth County, call our offices today to discuss your first court dates, as well as a plan for defending your case. Both of our lawyers have DUI trial experience in Forsyth County and will review your case with your during our initial consultation. We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (770) 676-1340.

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