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Do I need a DUI Lawyer?


From time to time, potential clients call asking, "do I need a DUI lawyer?" The answer, on any DUI charge, is YES. DUI in Georgia (and elsewhere) is a serious crime that always carries the possibility of jail time, along with other court-ordered punishments. Having a lawyer on your team is essential in defending against DUI.

What we do as your DUI lawyers

If you have been arrested and charged with DUI, finding a lawyer you are confident in is essential to building your successful defense. From day one, we will listen to your side of the story, take the time to explain the relevant laws to you, and give you our legal insight as to the best approach to fight your DUI charges. We do not believe, that as your lawyers, that our opinion is the only one that matters, or that your case is merely "just another case".

At your first appointment, we will usually spend between 45 minutes to an hour discussing all of the facts about you, your case, and the surrounding circumstances. We will also cover your driver's license and what we must do to prevent it from being suspended due to implied consent laws in Georgia. We help hundreds of clients with appealing their license suspension each year, and will make sure you are covered before you leave our office.

What you are facing on even a first DUI

Even on a first DUI in Georgia, you are facing mounting penalties and court ordered requirements. While no two cases are the same, a first DUI will almost always involve:

  1. jail time- Georgia's minimum is 24 hours
  2. probation- 12 month minimum on DUI charges
  3. community service work
  4. alcohol and drug evaluations and screening
  5. Georgia Risk Reduction program
  6. other conditions at the Judge's discretion

As you can see, DUI is not simply a ticket that you can show up and pay. Misdemeanor DUI in Georgia carries more court-ordered requirements that any other misdemeanor crime on the books.

How we have success in DUI cases

We have success in DUI cases because we take cases with the understanding the case will go to trial if necessary. Rather than take your case with the expectation we will enter into a plea given by the prosecutor, we start preparing your case for trial from Day 1.

While only a fraction of cases ultimately go to trial, having the case thoroughly prepared is the only way to achieve a positive outcome. Frequently, after hearings and before trial, prosecutors will negotiate the terms of DUI cases, and even evaluate a DUI case's merits. Of course, the goal is to have your DUI dropped to lesser charges, or simply won in the end.

Why your divorce lawyer should be your DUI lawyer

DUI law is a specialized area that requires an understanding of the laws, the science, and courtroom strategy. In the old days, lawyers seemingly took all types of cases, never really becoming an expert in one area of law. Today, to have an advantage in your defense, you need a lawyer who knows DUI inside and out. Our attorneys attend dozens of classroom hours annually in the science of DUI as well as trial practice. In fact, both attorneys also speak at and lecture other lawyers in the field of DUI.

When calling an attorney about your DUI for the first time, make sure to ask about the other types of cases they take. Do they do only DUI and criminal defense work? Do they take on other issues as well? Do they devote time every year to DUI training? Have they spoken or taught other attorneys in the field of DUI? There are all helpful questions to know before you put your record and future in an attorney's hands.

Call us Today to Discuss Your Defense

If you have been charged with DUI in Forsyth County or throughout North Atlanta, call us today to discuss your defense. We can be reached 24-7 at (770) 887-3720.

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