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What is a Super Speeder Ticket?


A Super Speeder ticket in Georgia is any ticket dealing with speeds in excess of 75 or 85 MPH, depending on what type of road you are traveling on. In the Atlanta area, a majority of super speeder tickets are given on our local highways: GA 400, I-75 and I-85. For your ticket to be deemed a super speeder ticket on these highways, you must be traveling 85+ MPH.

What is the super speeder fee?

The super speeder fee in Georgia is currently $200. This $200 bill will be mailed to you after you pay your ticket, by the Georgia Dept. of Driver Services. The $200 is completely separate from the cost of your ticket, fines and fees paid to the court.

What happens if I don't pay the super speeder fine?

If you do not pay the $200 fee within 4 months (120 days), your Georgia license will be suspended. If you have an out of state license, your right to drive in Georgia will be suspended until the fee is paid and DDS will report the suspension to your home state. The $200 fee does not 'expire' or age off of your record; it will stay until paid.

Is the $200 fine the biggest issue for super speeder tickets?

NO. The biggest issue for those with super speeder tickets is the insurance rate hikes that are coming your way. Any speeding ticket for 85+ MPH is likely to impact your insurance rates for years to come, as you will be classified as a high risk driver. Of course, the only way insurance companies can make up for this added risk is to collect larger premiums on your auto policies.

Can your law firm help beat or get super speeder dropped?

Due to Mr. Zeliff and Mr. Watson's caseloads, we currently only represent clients charged with 100+ MPH speeding tickets, or Speeding tickets combined with other charges (like DUI, Reckless Driving, Driving with a Suspended License, etc.) If you have only a charge of speeding, we encourage you to look for an attorney who has handled tickets in the particular court your case is pending.

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