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Simple Battery Charges


Simple battery charges in Georgia are considered crimes of violence, and can impact your record forever. Under Georgia law, simple battery means you intentionally made contact in an insulting or provoking nature with someone, or intentionally caused them physical harm.

For example, if you shove someone in an attempt to engage them in a fight, this would likely be charged as simple battery. If you shoved someone out of the way of an oncoming car, that would, of course, not be a simple battery, as you did not mean to insult, provoke, or harm them. A key difference between simple battery and battery under Georgia law is that a battery charge requires an injury. A black eye, swollen lip, and even slight bruising will all justify battery charges, while simply battery does not require any immediate or lasting signs of injury.

While simply battery is a lesser degree of crime than battery, and certainly felony battery charges, it is still a charge that will land you in jail, and stay on your record forever if handled improperly. In addition to being considered a crime of violence, battery charges can prohibit you from ever owning a firearm under certain circumstances, and also be considered acts of family violence. Family violence crimes subject you to a whole separate, and enhanced, set of penalties.

How We Defend Simple Battery Charges

At Zeliff | Watson, we have extensive experience in defending simple battery charges. From altercations with unknown parties, to fights between family members, we have defended hundreds of crimes of violence in Forsyth County and throughout Metro Atlanta.

At our first consultation, we will arm you with the tools to start helping your defense. While every case is different, we frequently have clients begin assisting us in their defense, if helpful. Of course, if the charges are completely bogus, we will discuss our approach to defending you and begin preparing your case for hearings and trial, if necessary.

If you have been charged with simple battery, battery, or felony battery, call Zeliff | Watson today to discuss how we can defend your case. We will sit down at our first consultation and analyze your case and begin building a winning case.

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