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Do I need a lawyer for my DUI in Atlanta?


If you are facing prosecution for a DUI arrest, you have undoubtedly heard varying opinions from friends, family and colleagues ranging from "plea the case", to "fight it no matter what". The truth is, no one can give you sound advice about your case unless they know all of the facts, the courts involved, and what your individual goals and expectation are. Both Evan and Peter have defended people from all walks of live charged with DUI in Atlanta. From pilots to plumbers and surgeons to teachers, both attorneys know what steps must be taken to defense your case and fight for your career.

In Atlanta, like most any other court, you are expected to have your lawyer when you show up for court. Most judges and prosecutors alike will give stern warning to anyone thinking of representing themselves in a DUI charge. Every step of a DUI defense takes knowledge of the system and the skill to know your next best move. Appealing your license suspension, obtaining evidence from your arrest, and knowing how to maneuver your case through Atlanta's court system are all areas that Peter and Evan have a firm knowledge of. Do not attempt to wing your defense, or save money by trying to do parts of the case yourself. DUIs, like other misdemeanor crimes carry high stakes and our lawyers will guide you through every step of your case.

Call us 24/7/365 if you have been charged with a DUI and need to put together your best defense. We can be reached directly at: (770) 676-1340.

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