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Will Joining the Army or Military Get My Case Dismissed?


The good ol' days of joining the Army to avoid a DUI, or other charge, are all but over in Georgia courts. Often times, I have potential or actual clients ask me if joining the military will help them dodge the impending court case they are facing. For a few reasons, the military and pending charges do not mix well.

  1. The Army/Military will not likely look at you with a pending case. Not only will they not let you begin the process of enlisting while you have an open court case, but they will also want the case completely closed before they commit to anything more than an initial consultation with you. Pending charges, open court cases, and open probation cases will all DQ you from Army service until completely closed.
  2. Courts don't give much cred. to the "I'll join the military" line these days. We've all heard the stories of someone from Military Qualification Criminal Record Questiongenerations past who got a DUI, and the next thing they knew the charges were gone, but they were on a flight to Vietnam. But, today's judges know how selective the military branches are and that they are unlikely to recruit you with charges. So, judges and prosecutors are very leery of dismissing charges or cutting sweetheart deals on the promise of patriotic service. Though, our firm has had better agreements reached from time to time with clients with a proven and documented history of beginning the application process into the military, and Veterans of our Armed Forces who have been charged with crimes.
  3. The military is a sought-after career path, perhaps now more than ever. With this said, the military is very selective and prefers only the most qualified candidates who will have no issues with background checks, getting clearance, and being put in leadership roles. Our military is the best in the world; recruiters seek the most qualified of candidates.

While the promise to join the military may not hold as much stock as it used to when fighting a case in court, at Zeliff | Watson, we work continuously with our clients to portray them in the best light possible to the court system, which will absolutely result in a better outcome. From our initial consultation, we will likely ask for transcripts, resumes, personal statements, reference letters, and anything else to support your case. 90% of people come into court completely unprepared and without anything on their side; but not our clients. Our clients frequently have judges acknowledge the work they have done and the effort put forth coming into Court and it HELPS.

If you do have military aspirations do not let a pending charge make you think that it is hopeless. That is not the case, but your case must be handled the right way. Our team has over 30 combined years of defending citizens and achieving optimal results no matter the case. When you are a client of ours, you're not a number or simply a client, but you are someone who joins our team and put forth your best defense.

If you are facing charges in Forsyth, Atlanta, or north Georgia, give us a call today to discuss how we will defend your case. We can be reached at (770) 676-1340 or through our contact form on this website.

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