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The first Teen Law Clinic was held January 14, 2013, at West Forsyth High School. The outline below covers the material that was discussed at the meeting. More detailed information will be frequently posted under the Teen Law Center tag on this website. Check back for more discussion about legal issues common to your teen. If you have a specific question, I can be reached at evan@zwdefense.com.

Part I: What is a Record?

1. Georgia and National Criminal History Reports (GCIC)

2. Driving Records (DDS)

3. How Long is My Record Public?

a. Felony v. Misdemeanor v. Traffic v. Local Ordinance v. Juvenile Trouble

4. What do Colleges Need to Know?

5. What does Military Require?

6. What do Employers See?

Part II: Driving Laws and Issues

1. Mandatory Suspensions

a. Under 18 years old

b. 18-21 years old (still a minor!)

2. The Point System in Georgia

3. Helpful Tips and Defenses that Can Keep Your Record Clean

a. Zero Point Violation

b. Point Reduction Request

c. Limited Permits for 18-21 y.o.

4. Do I Need a Lawyer?

5. Insurance Issues for Teen Drivers

6. Serious Offenses

Part III: Criminal Laws and Issues

1. The Three Tiers of Crimes

2. The Most Common Issues for Minors

a. Alcohol and Drug Possession

b. Bullying and Fights

c. Statutory Rape and Age Differences

d. Sexing and Other Social Media

3. Criminal Record Issues

a. Arrests and Mug shots

b. Convictions and Pleas

c. Expungements

4. Must Know Pleas

a. Guilty

b. No Contest

c. First Offender in Georgia

d. Pretrial Diversion Programs

e. Conditional Discharges

5. Do I Need a Lawyer?

Part IV: Keeping Out of Trouble

1. Know Your Rights

a. Questioning, Coming Forward

b. Miranda Rights

c. Warrants

d. School Hearings

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